Welcome to our TK Basewear Restock Schedule. Missing one of our products? Forlorn at a long lost color? We definitely recommend shopping what's in stock now (click here to shop our in stock Basewear). If you're willing to wait, we do have new colors, restocks, and products on the horizon! Below you can find the dates for when you can expect restocks for our various Basewear products.

*Please note that our production schedules are always in flux! These dates are subject to change. We do our best to update this table as best we can.

Product Colorway Estimated Stock/ Restock Date*
TOURA Shorts Black In stock now, no restock planned. Shop now!
MARA Crop Top ReMade Marine/Sol October 2023 until supplies last
MARA High Cut Sage/Ocean March 2024
MARA Crop Top Sage/Ocean March 2024
TOURA 3 High Cut Rust/Globemallow March 2024
TOURA 3 Low Cut Rust/Globemallow March 2024
TOURA 3 Crop Top Rust/Globemallow March 2024
TOURA Brief Rust March 2024
TOURA Thong Rust March 2024
MARA High Waist Ocean and Sage March 2024
September 05, 2023 — Bridget Kilgallon

Everything you need to know about Basewear sizing & care.

Once you get the perfect fit, Basewear is truly going to change your life. These guides will help you with sizing, choosing a cut, and caring for your Basewear.