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Gear Reviews

Read in depth reviews from bloggers and influencers who have taken our basewear for a thorough test run.

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www.hikingdaily.com | Written bJackie Florman

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Gift Guide for the Minimalist Adventure Mama

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Flash Foxy's Shelma Jun: Favorite Travel Gear

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Outside Magazine's Climbing Editor on the World's Best Climbing Gear

www.outsidemagazine.com | Reviewed by Kelly Bastone

3 Sports Bras for Climbers

www.eatandclimb.com | Reviewed by Sarah Anne Perry

Têra Kaia (formerly Arêt Basewear)’s TOURA Sports Bra

www.eveningsends.com | Reviewed by Julie Chief

Gear Review: Têra Kaia (formerly Arêt Basewear) Toura Top

www.fortheloveofclimbing.com | Reviewed by Kathy Karlo

That Magic Sports Bra

www.cherryblossomsandpines.com | Reviewed by Alma Baste

Têra Kaia (formerly Arêt Basewear) Launches Tomorrow!

www.littlegrunts.com | Reviewed by Paulina Dao


Hear what we have to say!

So Comfy You'll Forget You're Wearing Anything - Tera Kaia

www.gosolo.subkit.com | Reviewed by Team Subkit

Têra Kaia: Be Your OUTside Self Pride Month 2021

www.commonclimber.com | Reviewed by Stef

Ditching Sports Bras for Basewear with Têra Kaia

www.garagegrowngear.com | Reviewed by Maria Weidich

Podcast: Innovating Technical Outdoor Apparel with Têra Kaia (formerly Arêt Basewear)

www.cocommercial.co/whatworks | Interview by Tara Gentile

Life + Work with Têra Kaia (formerly Arêt Basewear) Co-Founder

www.sdvoyager.com | Interview by SD Voyager

Têra Kaia (formerly Arêt Basewear): Intimates for the Outdoors

www.thechillyogi.com | Interview by Kendall Wood

Beacons of Badassery: Bridget, Lauren & Olivia of Têra Kaia (formerly Arêt Basewear)

www.camerasandcarabiners.com | Interview by Kate Sedrowski

Gear Reviews
"It's pretty much my favorite item of clothing now! So comfy, I love it! Everything about this [top] is amazing, [and I] can't wait to test it out for some deep water soloing!"
— @LADYBRD Katherine Vanderford
"I think this is the most comfortable sports bra I have ever worn! [...] I also really love how the straps don't cut into my back."
— @TAMMYFAYE Tammy Faye
"I need[...] like a million more![...] Dainty enough to show off under sheer shirts or on its own [yet] tough enough for all types of movement. Most importantly, [it’s] so comfortable, you'll never want to be without [it]!"
— @PAULINADAO Paulina Dao