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Tera Kaia Basewear Repair

How to Repair your Worn Out Basewear

Once you have worn your Basewear into the dirt (which we know you will) you can extend its life and keep it out of landfill with a Basewear Repair. Repairing your TK tops can be a lengthy but fun DIY process. In most cases, there are only a few things that need to be adjusted or repaired before your Basewear makes its way back into the wild.
March 29, 2023 — Bridget Kilgallon
Basewear Bottoms Size Guide

Basewear Bottoms Size Guide

Measure Your Buns for the Perfect Fit We've got unique bodies, and finding the perfect bottoms to fit your body type can be tough. Our sizing is based on hundreds...
April 12, 2022 — Bridget Kilgallon
📐 The Basewear Top Size Guide: Measure Your Perfect Fit

📐 The Basewear Top Size Guide: Measure Your Perfect Fit

One size does not fit all, and it shouldn't have to. We’re re-defining the way we fit the modern body to take into consideration those things the big companies forgot...
December 23, 2017 — Bridget Kilgallon

Basewear Guides: Everything you need to know about Basewear sizing & care.

Once you get the perfect fit, Basewear is truly going to change your life. These guides will help you with sizing, choosing a cut, and caring for your Basewear.