ReMade MARA Basewear Crop Top | Sewn Locally with Scrap Fabric

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This small batch of Basewear is re-made, by our local team in Bishop, CA using scrap fabric from previous production runs. Quantities are extremely limited, so grab yours while they're here!

UPDATE: SOLD OUT - Hooray! We have used up all the scrap MARA pieces from this production run that went wrong. We are so excited to have reconstructed all these MARAs and sent them out into the wild for a new life of adventures.

We do still have some scrap fabric left over and can make ReMade TOURA's, but they won't last forever so get yours while they're here!

Small Batch, Limited Quantity.

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What is Basewear?

Basewear (n.): Baselayer + Swimwear

So what’s with the word “Basewear”? We made it up. Our idea for wearing one single underlayer that could perform both on land and in the water didn’t fit into any other clothing category - so we made a new one.

Not only will you be prepared for any adventure (land or sea) you’ll stay so comfy you won’t even know it’s there.

Basewear, ReMade.

Over the years we've worked with some factories that seriously let us down. In the process we got stuck with cut fabric pieces that never made it to their final form.

Now we're repurposing all that scrap fabric into something new. ReMade tops are truly a collectors item: they are sewn locally, by hand in Bishop, CA.

Get yours before we run out of scrap fabric!


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