Têra Kaia Basewear

Where is Arêt Basewear?

Arêt Basewear is still here! It's us, just with a new name. As of April 2019 our name became Têra Kaia. Now our brand is positioned for future growth, with the same products and principles we started Arêt Basewear back in 2016.

What is Basewear?

Basewear is a sports bra... and it's a bathing suit! It's the most comfortable top you've ever worn, and it's the only top you need to pack. Designed by women, for women the TOURA basewear top works with your muscles, not against them. Say goodbye to uncomfortable straps that dig in, and pinched lats that spill out. The TOURA never restricts your muscle movement. We've been told it feels like you've got nothing on, and most our customers throw out all their other sports bras to replace them with basewear tops! 

How do I wash my basewear?

Your basewear is designed to be washed infrequently. We recommend rinsing after use in chlorine or salt water. Machine or hand wash your basewear without fabric softeners nor bleach. We recommend you lay your basewear flat to dry, however it will survive in the dryer (we've tried). Due to its anti-microbial properties, basewear doesn’t need to be washed at every wear. So go ahead, and wear it for two weeks straight - we won't tell!

Where can Têra Kaia be found other than your website?

Yes! Visit our base camp in the Eastern Sierra: Têra Kaia Bishop. We are open for basewear fittings and in-store shopping. Visit TK Bishop Follow TK Bishop on Instagram: @terakaiabishop.

Têra Kaia is available via our website shop, various gear shop locations, or at events and festivals. Find a retail location near you on our Find a Store page. Visit our Events Page to view our upcoming events. For exclusive news and updates regarding the status of online retailers, international shipping, and new arrivals, please subscribe to our newsletter email or contact us via our contact page.

What happens when I want an out of stock item?

With our limited stock, it may be possible an item is temporarily out of stock when you place your order. Please contact us with your preferred order, and we’ll let you know when it’s back in stock.

Why can’t I select the size/color I want?

In the drop down selection for sizes and colors, if the text is faded or crossed out, that means we are temporarily out of stock of that item.

I’m local, can I pick up my order?

Online orders may be shipped via the postal service, or picked up at our base camp in the Eastern Sierra: Têra Kaia Bishop. Just select "In Store Pickup" at check out and you will be notified as soon as your order is ready for pickup.

Can I change my order?

If you contact us the same day, before 4pm Pacific time, yes your order can be changed. Order changes requested after 4pm on the day of purchase may incur a $5.00 re-stocking fee if the item has already been packaged.

What is my basewear size?

At Têra Kaia our approach to sizing is a little different. We're redefining the way we fit modern women's bodies... because muscles, duh! This means you can shop between different cuts: the Low Cut, and the High Cut. We have a handy bra size to basewear size conversion calculator on our Size Chart Page. If you're still not sure what cut will suit you best check out our Basewear Size Guide to measure your exact fit. STILL not sure?? We can help. Shoot us an email via our Contact Page and we'll set you up with the perfect fit.

I see your size chart is different. Should I go up or down a size?

Check out the Basewear Size Guide for specific information on what to do if you're between sizes. In general, you can do either! If you prefer a more compressed fit, go with the lower size. Alternatively, if you'd like a relaxed "naked" feel go up a size.

What if the basewear size I order doesn't fit?

Don't worry, our exchanges are free and very easy. We even provide you with a complimentary shipping label. Purchase with confidence, and we'll make sure to get you in the perfect fit.

My cup size is larger than DD. Will your top work for me?

Not at the moment. For the weight bearing needs of large cup sizes, our current basewear top will not provide the support you need. This doesn't mean we don't care!! We're actively working to release new sizes and products to accommodate a wide range of body types. Sign up for our mailing list to get the latest details.

I have a promotional discount code, where do I enter it?

When you proceed to Checkout, there will be a box labeled “Discount”. Enter your code here and then click Apply. Promotional discount codes are case sensitive. When applying a promotional discount code, please make sure you see the code applied to the order before checking out.

I work in the outdoor industry. Do you offer an industry pro-deal?

Firstly, congrats on your awesome job. Secondly, yes we do! We don't offer individual pro-deals, but we do have an industry group order program for groups of women working in the outdoors. Contact us to apply.

My basewear is damaged. Can you repair it?

Yes! Our Basewear Repair Program is designed to give your item a new life, and keep it out of a landfill. Contact us to request a repair.

What are my payment options?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and PayPal.

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How can I find answers to any additional questions I may have?

Feel free to contact Têra Kaia at any time via our contact page, and we will get back to you with any questions you may have!