TK not hiring at them moment. If you would like to send a resume for a position in the future you can email us at 

  • Retail Associate (Part Time) 
  • Sales Representative (Contract + Commission / Remote or Local Applications accepted)
  • Basewear Repair Tailor (Contract as needed / Local Bishop Applicants Only)
  • TK is a grassroots organization that makes versatile under layers for the outdoors. We're not a big corporation (like, at all), we're a small business at the foothills of the Eastern Sierra that is innovating in the world of sustainable design for the outdoors. Folks of all identities are welcome at TK and are encouraged to apply for all positions.

    Retail Associate

    Tera Kaia Bishop is hiring two retail associates. This is a part time position perfect for the extroverted basewear enthusiast who lives in Bishop, CA either permanently or temporarily! If you love chatting about basewear, and helping people have a great experience this is the position for you. This role involves helping customers get the right fit both in person at our TK Bishop store, and processing orders and exchanges purchased via our website.

    Specific daily tasks include packing and shipping orders, helping customers with in-store shopping, providing your expertise on basewear and sizing, cleaning and organizing the retail space, interacting with customers via social media, attending local events, and assisting in customer exchanges. Local Bishop applicants only.

    To Apply:
    • Resume
    • Cover Letter / Bio (include the story of how you found basewear!)
    • Schedule Availability
    Day-to-day tasks:
    • Packing & Shipping Orders
    • Helping In-Store Customers
    • Cleaning & Organizing the Retail Space
    • Creating POS Displays
    • Responding to DMs, Commenting, Reposting on Social Media
    What you’ll be learning:
    • Assisting in Processing Customer Exchanges
    • Learning Customer Service Emails
      Applicants are:
      • Extroverted and Social!
      • Timely & Reliable
      • Great with People
      • Loves Basewear and comfortable and confident helping customers learn about it.
      • Organized & Clean

        Please email to apply or inquire further.

        Sales Representative 

        Help us bring the magic of Basewear into retail stores around the country! Tera Kaia is seeking an experienced Sales Representative with an understanding of the outdoor retail landscape. A TK sales rep is adaptable and knows the world of retail is changing. They understand the importance of sustainability, and supporting the future they want to see. Our ideal candidate isn’t afraid to think outside of the box and find unique solutions within a traditional industry that is slow to change.
        Sales rep may be associated with a group or independent. This position will involve travel to set up to attend in-person events like trade shows, popups, and outdoor markets. Additionally, sales reps will communicate the value of Basewear with retail buyers either in person or virtually via Zoom presentations. This position is goal oriented, and scalable based on performance. In addition to acquiring new retail accounts, the sales rep will manage re-orders and follow up with existing accounts to keep them engaged and psyched about Basewear!
        This position is flexible and can be both remote or in-office. This position is contract with commission. Ability to travel is a must. Rates to be discussed.
        To Apply:
        • Resume
        • Cover Letter / Bio
        • Industry Experience (if available)
        • Schedule Availability
        • Attend events and trade shows as a Têra Kaia Rep
        • Acquires new retail accounts for Têra Kaia 
        • Maintains retail relationships with existing retailers 
        • Continues to check-in and maintains re-orders with retailers through email and in-person visits.
        • Makes presentations of new looks to present to buyers 
        • Updates line sheets 
        • Available to travel and has own vehicle 
        • Authentically represents Têra Kaia and represents our pillars 
        • Experience and Connections within the Outdoor Industry 
        Applicants are:
        • Solid and consistent communication skills
        • Experienced in the Outdoor Industry
        • Understands the importance of following up
        • Wears and Loves Basewear! (Not required but it’s a plus)
        Required Skills:
        • Knowledge of retail software ( Elastic or similar )
        Required Supplies:
        • Able to travel

        Please email to apply or inquire further about rates.


        Basewear Repair Tailor

        LOCAL BISHOP POSITION ONLY. Use your creativity and sewing skills to give Basewear a second life keep it out of a landfill! Our Repair Tailor is responsible for repairing Basewear tops on an as needed basis. Our local tailors assess our worn basewear and determine best way to repair the garment with a little creative flair. Typical repairs include strap shortening, grafting in new fabric, and replacing elastic bands. 
        Applicants should know a variety of construction techniques, especially inside out and seamless construction. Familiarity working with stretch fabric is a plus. Some basewear specific sewing training will be provided. Tailors are responsible for the use and management of multiple sewing machines including a serger, coverstitch, and single needle sewing machine.
        Repairs can be done at home or in office with indirect supervision and guidance from the TK Team as needed. Repairs should be kept organized and documented. This position is contract on an as needed basis. Please email us to inquire about rates and apply!
        Required Supplies: 
        • TK will provide sewing machines and supplies 
        • Option to use your own machines if you have them.
        Required Skills:
        • Basic understanding of inside-out construction
        • Familiar with coverstitch and overlock techniques
        To Apply:
        • *Must be local to Bishop, CA*
        • Resume and/or a bit of information about you!
        • Photos of 2-3 Example Sewing Projects
        • Schedule Availability
        • At home vs. In office Preference

        Please email to apply or inquire further about rates.