Our vision is to inspire through originality, connect through experience and adapt towards a sustainable future.

At Têra Kaia we make sustainability a part of our culture from our approach to design to the way we source our materials and create our garments. The path to sustainability is an ongoing process full of compromises and new resources. Below is a brief synopsis of where we started, and how we continue to adapt towards a sustainable future.

2017 [ Where we started ]

2018 [ What we've improved ]

2019 [ What we're working on ]

Designed garments to have a high value, strong durability, and long life cycle → Repurposed any damaged items into a gear sale Continuing to monitor the lifespan of our garments, and establish an end of life plan.
88% recycled post-consumer shipping materials → 100% recycled post-consumer shipping materials Seeking biodegradable or plant-based poly bags
Fabrics consisting of Nylon / Spandex blend: plastic based fabrics. Researching fabric that uses recycled nylon EcoNyl to replace virgin nylon. Creating fabric that uses 100% recycled nylon.
Local manufacturing in various locations → Local manufacturing in one location
  • Certified Women Owned factory
  • Certified Minority Owned factory
  • Plastic free shipping
Working to refine our cutting process to reduce fabric waste
Sustainability in the office:
  • Minimized waste
  • Reused shipping materials
Improved paper stocks:
  • Recycled printer paper
  • Recycled and reusable toner cartridges
  • Compostable shipping labels with thermal ink-less printing
Expanding to office spaces in the future that are powered by renewable energy

Want to learn a bit more about what sustainability means at Têra Kaia? We define sustainability in the following ways, and constantly seek to improve in each category.

Timeless Design

Timeless design is the concept that garments are designed to withstand the passing seasons and trends. By creating garments that don’t go out of style we are reducing waste, and teaching consumers to purchase less frequently. Our garments are designed to solve a problem, function in a variety of use cases, and fit the wearer’s body type perfectly. We say that if the wearer is the art, the basewear is the frame.

*We produce only what we know will sell to minimize waste, so, if your favorite color is out of stock, just reach out to us! We’ll make sure you get one, even if it takes a bit more time.

Sustainable Lifecycle

Everything from the origin of materials, to how the item is disposed of is the considered part of a garment’s lifecycle. To create a sustainable lifecycle we take every possible measure to extend the lifespan of the garment and create a plan for once it is disposed of. With our guarantee, we make sure every TOURA is taken care of through the full extent of its lifespan.

Transparent Supply Chain

It’s important to know exactly what went into the item you are purchasing, and where it came from. We want to keep things transparent so that our customers can stay informed. Download the link below to view a full report of our supply chain. We continue to improve and build on this report as we investigate further.

Get involved! We are always open to suggestions and new ideas to improve our sustainability. Reach out to us at any time to let us know what you think.

Supply Chain Report - Coming soon! -