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Athletic Crop Top and Full Coverage Sports Bra

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This style is SOLD OUT. We are committed to sustainability, and part of that journey means switching to fabric that is made from recycled plastic bottles. We are in the process of re-developing MARA with recycled fabric as we speak. Eventually we will restock new colors for the MARA, check on updated timeline here!  For now - embrace the TOURA 2 stealth look! Mother nature will thank you. ❤️

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What is "Basewear"?

Basewear is unlike any sports bra AND swimsuit you've ever worn... it's both.

Our life changing Basewear Tops are designed to curve with your form and fit like a glove. When you feel this good your inner confidence shines out. Not only will you be prepared for any adventure (land or sea) you’ll stay so comfy you won’t even know it’s there.

Switch to Basewear and feel comfortable, confident, and prepared for any adventure.

One Size does Not Fit All!

Our 100% all-women team has fit-tested every single size we create on as many body types as we can find: from compact and muscular to full and curved.

We’re so confident you’ll get the perfect fit that it’s part of our guarantee. Exchanges are free and easy, and we'll do everything we can to help you get the right size.

Designed by Women, for You.

TK is more than just Basewear: it's a community. Everything we make is designed from the experience of being a woman living an outdoor lifestyle - because that's exactly what we are. We design to solve problems real women face, and wear test everything we make in the Eastern Sierra mountains.

Support a grassroots, women-run operation without sacrificing the design quality you’d expect from a huge corporation.

Sustainable by Design

The fashion industry sucks. We know. Wanting to rip your bra off at the end of the day has become the standard. Not to mention, clothing is designed to be discarded and replaced next season.

Replacing this endless cycle of disappointment with one single item that is ethically and sustainably created will have mother nature singing your praises. Your purchase is an investment in a more comfortable, sustainable future.

You've been tolerating uncomfortable bras your whole life - we all have.

Time to break the cycle to invest in a new, more comfortable you.

Don't take it from us, read the Breastimonials!

Sharing the Basewear love!
I literally live in these. I haven't worn another bra since I bought them. I can wear Basewear all day without even remembering I have it on.
— Jessica (TK Supporter)
I wear my Toura bra all the time. It is SO comfortable, not just for my back muscles but I am weirdly obsessed with the cut under the bust. Something about the curve up in the middle of my chest just makes it hug my body in the right places.
— Kailey (TK Supporter)
I wear my Basewear tops every day. Traditional bras, even sports bras, never worked for me. I like Basewear because I finally have a comfortable bra that I can wear all day, every day.
— Ellen (TK Supporter)
It’s the most comfortable sports bra ever. I row rafts and climb so have a muscular upper body and many sports bras cut into that area or are really unflattering.
— Patty (TK Supporter)
I first purchased Basewear to wear when training in the circus studio. Now I wear my Basewear bras every day- at work as a nurse, while hiking, for travel, and of course, when training aerial.
— K.M. (TK Supporter)



What's the difference between MARA and TOURA?

The MARA has a bit more fabric at the underarm and a higher neckline with reinforced support. It is better suited for rigorous water activities and stays put through inversions.

What kind of fabric is MARA made of?

Post-consumer recycled fabric makes up both sides of the MARA. Yay!

Will the MARA fit the same as my TOURA?

MARA fits slightly different than TOURA because it has different proportions, and sits at a different location on the body. We recommend starting with your TOURA size, and sizing down if you are in between sizes.

Don't forget Basewear Bottoms!

Ultra comfy, swim-friendly undies for any outdoor adventure. Yea, Basewear Bottoms are the biggest upgrade your underwear drawer has ever had.

One size does not fit all

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