Did you know that more than 75% of people are wearing the wrong size bra?

Yea, we didn't trust that lady at the mall either. This isn't a traditional sports bra so it can affect your standard measurements. To ensure you get the perfect fit take matters into your own hands and measure yourself with our Basewear Size Guide →.

📐The Basewear Size Guide: Measure Your Perfect Fit

Bra Size → Basewear Size Chart

Bra Size Basewear Size Numerical Size
<28 XXS
28 – 30  XS 2
32 XS Compression Fit → SM Relaxed Fit 2 Compression Fit → 4 Relaxed Fit
32 – 34 SM 4
34 SM Compression Fit → MD Relaxed Fit
4 Compression Fit → 6 Relaxed Fit
34 – 36 MD 6
36 MD Compression Fit → LG Relaxed Fit
6 Compression Fit → 8 Relaxed Fit
36 – 38 LG 8
38 – 40 1X 10
40 – 42 2X 12

*More inclusive sizes are on the way!

Cup Size Recommended Basewear Cut
A – B Low Cut

The Low Cut is not recommended for inversions or high impact activities. If you are at all worried about the dreaded “nip slip” we recommend going with a High Cut, regardless of your measurements.

C Low Cut Flattering Fit → High Cut or Crop Top Supportive Fit
A – DD High Cut or Crop Top
DD+ Crop Top

What's your Basewear Top size?

This isn't your average sports bra! Use the chart below to figure out the perfect basewear size.

Get the Perfect Fit!

What's your Basewear Bottoms size?

Every body is unique. Follow the steps below to measure your perfect fit.

Step 1:

Measure Your Hips

Use measuring tape to wrap around your hips, just over your hip bone. Make sure to shed your current undies and don your birthday suit for the most accurate measurement. Remember to keep the tape parallel with the ground, and measure with a relaxed abdomen (don't try to suck anything in!). Write down your Hip Measurement to use in the next steps.

Handy Tip: If you don't have measuring tape you can use a piece of string, and measure it against a straight ruler.

Step 2:

Measure Your Buns

Next, wrap your measuring tape around your buns at the point where your peaches are their most plump. Make sure the tape remains parallel to the ground. Write down your Butt Measurement to use in the next steps.

Step 3:

Do A Little Math

Here's the easiest homework you've ever aced! Plug the measurements you just took into the equation below to get your Basewear Bottoms recommendation.

(Hip Measurement + Butt Measurement) ÷ 2 = Bottoms Measurement

Plug your Bottoms Measurement into the chart above to figure out your size! Good job you.