Popped a strap? Fabric scratched or pilling? We can help!

At Tera Kaia, our garments are designed to live a circular lifecycle. This means when an item is sent back due to damage or poor fit we repair, resell, and upcycle our materials. By giving your basewear a new lifecycle, it will never end up in a landfill. If you have a damaged item you might be eligible for our Basewear Repair Program!

Common Repairs:

  • Stretched or popped straps
  • Scratched or pilled fabric
  • Ripped seams
  • Manufacturer defects

Give your basewear a new life with our repair program.

Do you have a garment that needs repair? If so, please add our Basewear Repair Service to your cart and check out. Please see examples of repaired garments below. If your garment cannot be repaired your surcharge will be refunded and we will issue you an additional $15 credit to use on a future order, and it's materials will be upcycled into something new!

Note: Please be sure to use an accurate and up to date email when checking out. We will communicate with you via email regarding your repair. Repairs take 2-4 weeks to complete.

Têra Kaia basewear repair program upcycles garments that are damaged to give them a new life.
Têra Kaia basewear repair program upcycled garments for a circular lifecycle.
Têra Kaia basewear repair program upcycled garments for a circular lifecycle.
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What is a circular lifecycle, and why does it matter?

Clothing, and specifically fast fashion, is one of the most toxic industries impacting our environment today. Seasonal trends and mass production has lead to a globalized and often unregulated industry that generates large amounts of garment waste, emissions, and toxic pollutants into the environment. Intersecting with social justice, garment workers are often marginalized populations who are subjected to unethical working conditions.

Circularity and slow fashion offers an alternative method of garment production, that puts people and the environment before profits.

Circular Fashion (n):

Circular design is an approach to product development that allows products and materials to be reused, recycled, and regenerated. It is a holistic approach that considers what happens at the end of a product’s life.

Circular products are designed to ‘close the loop’ meaning they: 1. Minimize (or eliminate) waste and pollution 2. Remain in use for as long as possible. 3. Can be regenerated into new resources.

Têra Kaia basewear repair program upcycled garments for a circular lifecycle.

How does Tera Kaia design and manufacture garments sustainably?

At Tera Kaia, our vision is to adapt towards a sustainable future. For us, this means rigorous design and fit testing to be sure each garment is designed to last as long as possible. In construction we hold ourselves and our manufacturing partners accountable for ethical conditions and environmental regulations. That's just the tip of the ice berg (climate pun intended). Read more at the link below to follow along as we continue to adapt our practices with transparency and honesty.

Sustainability & Ethics at Tera Kaia