Follow these steps to get the perfect fit so you can finally say goodbye to those old bras and swimsuits.

Firstly, congratulations. You’ve taken the first step to breaking away from uncomfortable sports bras and swimsuits forever. Hooray! 

Here’s a handy guide to make sure you get the most out of your Basewear experience, and land in the perfect fit for your body type.

Start Here: Wait patiently and keep checking that tracking number!

Ah, waiting. As the anticipation for your Basewear arrival builds check out our Instagram @terakaia and scope out all the amazing folks in our community!

Tracking number says delivered but your package isn’t there? Do not fret.

Sometimes the postal service tracking is a bit out of sync. Give it a few days to show up, and double check your tracking code to make sure your address was typed in correctly. If the package doesn’t show for a few days, continue to not fret. Packages don’t get lost or stolen very often, but it does happen occasionally. We’ll help you get a replacement, just email us at

Step 1: Open the packaging and try on your new Basewear!

Your package is here - hooray! Carefully open the biodegradable packaging so you can re-use it if you need to do an exchange.

Unpack your Basewear and try it on! You can remove the tag if you like, but keep the panty liners on for this step. Hold on to the cute printed cards - there might be a discount code for your next purchase, and maybe one to share with friends.

See how the fit feels for you. Everyone is different, and try as we might, we really can’t predict your size until you are able try it on for yourself.

If you’ve got the right fit, well done! You nailed the assignment of measuring before you purchased with a bit of luck and research. You’ll probably know immediately with an “ooh, ahhh!” from the first look in the mirror. Congratulations on your new Basewear, and you’re ready to take those puppies out into the wild! 

Step 2: Exchange for your best fitting size/cut.

If you aren’t sure if it’s the right fit, or if it isn’t fitting at all DO NOT PANIC. In fact, this is completely normal and expected. We anticipate almost every first time Basewear wearer to go through at least one exchange before they find the perfect size and cut for their body type. Our sizing is a little different because it’s our mission to redefine the way clothes fit and function!


Here’s a quick chart for how to solve most fit issues: 

Basewear Fit Troubleshooting Guide:

Fit Issue: Suggested Next Steps:
Things feel a little tight, but not too bad.  (Tops and Bottoms) Try wearing the garment for a day or two, especially in the water. Basewear will generally adapt to your shape after a few wears. Don’t worry about keeping it pristine -  we will accept an exchange no matter what condition it’s in after you swim!
Band is too loose (Tops and Bottoms) Size down one numerical size.
Band is too tight (Tops and Bottoms) Size up one numerical size.
Not enough coverage (Undesired boob, buns, or nip slippage is occuring)

First make sure the band feels tight enough. If it does, you need to adjust your cut!


For Basewear Tops: If you have a Low Cut, we recommend exchanging for a High Cut. If you are wearing a High Cut, you will likely need a Crop Top, or our future design “Full Cut”. Email so we can get you in on early access and help you with a special exchange if so.


For Basewear Bottoms: If you are trying on the TOURA Brief or Thong we recommend giving the MARA High Waist a try for more coverage.

Straps are too tight / uncomfortable (Tops)

Some customers experience a little tightness on the shoulder straps, although it’s pretty uncommon if you have the correct size. Try sizing up if the garment overall feels a bit too snug, or try wearing it out in the wild for a few days, including the water to make sure the garment can adapt to your form.


If the straps are still bothering you we’d recommend you try the MARA High Cut or Crop Top. Since the strap has more surface area, it distributes the weight more evenly on the shoulder.

Needs more Compression (Tops) If you are trying a MARA switch to a TOURA for a slightly more compressive fit. However, Basewear Tops in general isn’t designed for high compression. We like to think of them as a gentle hug that keeps you covered and secure, without squeezing too hard. Basewear is designed for low impact activities and keeping you as comfortable as possible.
Needs less Compression Looking for full breathability? MARA High Cut may be the way to go. It’s more coverage, but less compression for a nice breathable fit.
Not Flattering (Tops) It’s very uncommon for our customers to find Basewear tops to be unflattering when it’s the correct size and cut. We’d recommend troubleshooting to see if you simply need to switch sizes or cuts first. Check out the other issues in this table and see if any of them apply.
Not Flattering (TOURA Brief + Thong) The TOURA Brief and Thong is our trickiest fitting garment. If you aren’t digging the look, we’d recommend first trying a different size, (usually one size up), as this can often solve the issue. Alternatively, The MARA High Waist is a much more universally flattering and easy to fit bottom option.
Band is gaping, but everywhere else fits correctly This is our most uncommon fit issue, and we recommend emailing our product designers at with fit photos for a more specific suggestion.

If you still aren’t sure you can always get our help by reaching out to us at If you are comfortable doing so, attach a few photos to your email showing how the garment is fitting. Our all women team will review and help you with a suggestion as best we can.

Once you know your new size just then head to to get started with the exchange portal. It’s super easy! Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Put in your order number
  2. Put in your email
  3. Write a note about what size/cut you would like to exchange for
  4. Done! Et voila.
  5. Check your email for a complimentary return label.
  6. Print that puppy out, Slap it back on the packaging your Basewear came in, and drop it in your nearest USPS post office, or hand it to your local postperson!

**Note** Please do not ship back to us using a UPS shipping label, or any pre-purchased and labeled USPS packaging. The post office is most picky about what it will accept in our PO Box.***

Hang tight and we will get to your exchange as soon as we possibly can! 

Step 3: Compost the packaging!

Everything in your Basewear packaging is 100% compostable: even the printed shipping label, and the ink on your printed card.

We do recommend shredding or snipping your packaging into the smallest possible chunks before composting at home. Time to full degradation will depend on your individual composting set up.

We’re big fans of composting at TK, so perhaps we’ll do a blog post about this in the future! 

Step 4: Go forth and adventure.

Here’s the best part. Put your Basewear to the test! Head out to your favorite outdoor spot and let your Basewear be the only item you need to pack. Sweat in it, swim in it, everything!

We accept exchanges at any point in time* as a part of our perfect fit guarantee, so don’t worry about getting your Basewear a lil’ gross.

*The exception here would be Basewear Bottoms - since we can’t resell used bottoms depending on the type of wear, please try to exchange first. That said, we still accept exchanges under almost any circumstance if you really need it. 🤗

Take pics, take vids, have fun! Tag us on IG, or include them in your review. Not only does it bring infinite joy to our lives to see the adventures you go on in your Basewear, it also really helps our grassroots operation. 

Step 5: Leave us a product review.

Love your Basewear? Yay! Let the whole world know about it by leaving us a product review. You will get an email from us requesting this with a little gift if you do. 😉

Be sure to include photos and videos in your review so the world can see the adventures your Basewear has gone on. 

Step 6: Come back for more Basewear when you’re ready!

Got the tops, but no bottoms? Time to change that! Tried the bottoms but no tops? Oh man, your bra drawer is ready for an upgrade.

Once Basewear has proven itself on all your outdoor adventures and has you hooked head back to TK! When you’re ready to switch out your entire underlayer wardrobe for Basewear, we’re here for you.

Check out Bottoms, three packs, and follow @terakaia on Instagram to get the latest on color restocks.

August 23, 2023 — Bridget Kilgallon

Everything you need to know about Basewear sizing & care.

Once you get the perfect fit, Basewear is truly going to change your life. These guides will help you with sizing, choosing a cut, and caring for your Basewear.