Hey there, curious outdoorswomen! Ever wondered how we work our magic to create Basewear that is exactly what you were hoping for? Well, let's pull back the curtain and take you on a journey through our unique process. 

Identifying the Problem: Solving Outdoor Women’s Wardrobe Woes

Basewear was born out of our own frustrations with uncomfortable outdoor clothing. Whether it was an irritating sports bra or shorts that just wouldn't stay in place, we've been there. So, we start our journey by sitting down and brainstorming all the things that bug us about outdoor wear. We define the problems clearly because that's the foundation of our design process. 

Prioritizing Sustainability: Our Green Commitment

Here at Tera Kaia, we're all about sustainability. With each new Basewear product, we kick off by thinking about how we can make it a tad more eco-friendly. That might mean testing the product's durability or experimenting with new eco-conscious fabrics. We're on a mission to make every piece of Basewear a step closer to sustainability. 

In-House Prototyping: Crafting with Love

Our approach is pretty hands-on. We roll up our sleeves and create prototypes right here in-house using our trusty sewing machines. This hands-on approach helps us spot challenges and discomfort points. We keep refining those prototypes until they meet our high standards. 

Personalized Sizing: No One-Size-Fits-All

At Tera Kaia, we don't believe in a one-size-fits-all solution. We put every size we create through wear tests, involving as many different body types as possible. The feedback we get from our fit testers guides us in making changes to ensure a personalized fit for everyone. 

Ongoing Problem-Solving: Making Room for Everyone

If you can't find a specific garment in your size, don't worry! We're hard at work tackling unique challenges in design and fit. For example, we're currently focused on expanding our size range for bottoms and creating a Basewear top for customers with triple D cup sizes or larger. 

Real-World Wear Tests: Basewear in the Wild

To make sure our Basewear can handle the toughest conditions, we've teamed up with local outdoor enthusiasts who put our products to the ultimate test. From alpine climbing to weeks-long backpacking trips, they help us uncover unexpected challenges, which in turn lead to continuous improvements. 

Your Feedback Matters: Let's Chat!

We're all ears! Whether you're backpacking, climbing, hiking, or skiing, we want to hear about your experiences with our Basewear. Your input is invaluable and helps us spot issues and make improvements, all in the name of enhancing durability and comfort. 

The Magic Behind Basewear: Meet the Team

So, there you have it – the behind-the-scenes look at how Basewear comes to life. Our all-women team in beautiful Bishop, California, handles everything from dreaming up concepts to rigorous fit testing, ensuring that every piece of Basewear lives through any adventure you can throw at it… all while keeping you looking cute and comfy. 

September 15, 2023 — Bridget Kilgallon

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