A small monthly gathering of local women business owners to share experiences, ideas, and advice over donuts!

Business Brunch is a chance for local women businesses owners to gather together and chat about our unique challenges. Being a woman business owner can be isolating and having the weight of the decision making is exhausting. At business brunch we get together and chat about what we’re going through and gather supportive advice and thoughts from other women in the same boat.

Who: Local Eastern Sierra women business owners

When: The first Wednesday of every month

Why?: Being a business owner can be isolating and just plain hard. Sometimes you just need to chat it out with other women (and have a donut)!

This space is super informal, and mellow. Spots will be limited to at most 6-8 folks to keep the environment very low stress and not intimidating. Larger events like Boss Babes can be handled by other entrepreneurs in the area. During each session we will have a topic to discuss.

How to sign up: To reserve your spot at Business Brunch, just use our Calendly event link below.

June 07, 2023 — Bridget Kilgallon

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