Working hard at marketing, TOURA Shorts, and new Basewear on the horizon.

Hey everyone! BK here.


Firstly, I hope you enjoyed the accidental renaissance photo of me flipping off a rope swing at our latest photoshoot. I’m very talented at rope-swinging as you can tell.


Since I haven’t had much time to put together social media posts this summer, I figured I’d start getting all my updates out in the form of these journal entries. Social media has never been my favorite way of communicating *queue PTSD flashbacks of spending countless hours creating reels only for them to get deleted when publishing*. 

Um, yea.. 

You may have remembered our near death crisis of early Spring - and that instability is still present although much smaller. Thanks to the Basewear Membership program we now have a stable pillar to help TK pull through.

Anywho, there’s lots of exciting stuff that has been going on this summer so here goes! 

Firstly, here’s what you can do to support TK RIGHT NOW:

  1. Leave a review for your new Basewear Bottoms! Lots of Members left reviews on the Membership page - which is great, but new customers can’t really see them. Head to the product page of your favorite Basewear Bottoms and leave a review from there for bonus points and my undying affection.
  2. Tag us in a video or photo of your new Recycled Black Basewear out in the wild! Switching to all black has been a tough hit for the biz, and we’ve gotta show folks that the stealth look is cool because it’s more sustainable.
  3. See a promoted TK ad on Instagram or Facebook? Yay! Throw it a like, comment, or share to help boost the algorithm. That’s all my hard work from the last few months getting released into the wild world of Meta!
  4. Share the word about Baseewear with your friends and family, of course! This is the way our grassroots company has always been able to thrive.
  5. Mark your calendar for when the TOURA SHORTS arrive, then get them out in the wild and report back with a review!

As for me, I’ve been hard at work learning how to scale a grassroots business without compromising our sustainability and authenticity.

My day to day has been spent studying google analytics, learning how to wrangle the chaotic evil that is facebook ads manager, and delegating and being a leader to our small but scrappy team. All while doing the usual day to day tasks so the business can stay alive despite our low resources and woman power at the moment.

Quite a few flowers have bloomed after the storm, and we have a LOT of new Basewear concepts on the horizon for production. I won’t spoiler it too much here, but if you are a Basewear Early Access Member you’ll be getting all the details and early access, of course. 

What’s on the Horizon:

  1. TOURA Shorts! They are scheduled to arrive mid and late September (shipping on the 20th to be exact), and I can’t wait to get them into the wild.
  2. New Prodution: MARA Restocks, New TOURA colors, and a surprise new TOURA style *members already got the sneak peek on this one*
  3. Fully Recycled: For all production going forward every single fabric we use will now be recycled. It’s been a long, arduous process to switch to recycled and sometimes it didn’t pay off financially - but it’s the right thing to do no matter what. We’re also experimenting with some natural fibers for future Basewear concepts.
  4. Ladies Weekend Out Events are thriving as always. We’re so grateful for our partnership with Golden State Guiding to bring you outdoor experiences lead by women, with Basewear. Check out the LWO schedule with events in Joshua Tree, San Diego, Colorado, Bishop, Mammoth, and Yosemite.
  5. Scaling!! Our lil’ grassroots operation just can’t keep going unless we get a bit bigger. That’s where my main efforts are, and continue to be indefinitely.

That’s all for now. Enjoy your Basewear this summer and don’t forget to tag us and leave reviews! Every bit truly helps to keep us going.

Much ❤️



August 23, 2023 — Bridget Kilgallon

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