At Tera Kaia, our mission is to redefine the way clothes fit and function. This year, we're delivering on that promise. We're expanding our size range, and switching to numerical sizing to make our products inclusive to more bodies.

Tera Kaia is already paving the way in redefined fit.

If you're already wearing Basewear you know something is a little different about the way our sizing works. Our Basewear comes in different styles: the Low Cut and the High Cut. These two cuts exist because when we created the TOURA Basewear top, we tested it on a variety of real women's bodies. We realized quickly that the same fit that looked great on an A cup wasn't going to work for a DD cup.

Tera Kaia's mission is to redefine the way clothes fit and function and to encourage you to be your outside self. Read about Tera Kaia's Mission

Since leading the charge into new sizing territory we've identified a few other pre-existing sizing systems and norms that are a bit outdated. In our Letter to 2020, we made a promise to bring inclusive sizing to the top of our priority list.

Will Têra Kaia also be introducing plus sizes?

Yes! This year we introduced sizes 10 – 12 to the TOURA High Cut. We are also open to developing additional plus sizes as the demand grows for them. This change will happen over time, as we need to develop these sizes to make sure they fit just as seamlessly as our original size range.

Psst: Help us spread the word! Sizes 10-12 are officially available on our website. Tell everyone you know who has been patiently waiting to try a Basewear top Sizes 10-12: TOURA High Cut 

If you are Size 10 – 12 and have been waiting to test out a Basewear top head to our website now to try a TOURA High Cut! We would love to hear your feedback as we perfect fit. So please reach out to to let us know what you think.

We can do better than using phrases like "Size Large".

Here at the TK office, we've always felt a little uncomfortable telling our customers their prescribed size is "Large". After taking several surveys and feedback from our customers about how we can do better here, we discovered that using gentler language can make folks feel a lot better about their self-image... and we're here for that!

Plus, descriptive sizing is pretty confusing and sometimes just plain off! Sometimes, customers ask us for a size Large simply because they have a large cup size, despite being quite petite around the rib cage. Or as another example, size Medium is often assigned to someone simply because they have a more muscular body type.

These situations show us how descriptive sizes don't always accurately portray the uniqueness of modern bodies.

Say goodbye to words like Small, Medium, and Large.

In 2020 we said goodbye to descriptive size words, and hello to numbers! Our new sizing chart has been converted to use a numerical system that is inclusive to all bodies. This will allow us to create a much broader size range that will fit bodies above size Large, and below size Extra Small.

Tera Kaia's Numerical Size Chart:

Curious about what your new size is? Here is a handy chart to help you translate your traditional TOURA size into our new numerical sizing:

Traditional TOURA Size New Numerical Size
XS 2
SM 4
MD 6
LG 8
1X 10
2X 12

What about supporting more cup sizes? Well, we've got something new in the works for that as well. As soon as we complete development and testing we will be launching a new cut that provides extra support for cup sizes DDD+

Traditional Bra Size TOURA Basewear Cut
A – C TOURA Low Cut
A – DD TOURA High Cut 
DDD MARA Crop Top 
DDD – H TOURA Full Cut (in Development)

For example, if your size was a Small High Cut, you will now be a size 4 High Cut with our new inclusive sizing. If your cup size is DD and you find the High Cut doesn't provide enough support, we recommend you give TOURA Full Cut a try!

Are you new to Tera Kaia sizing? Check out our handy Basewear Size Guide to measure your perfect fit.

Our first Size 10 Review 🤩!

After releasing Sizes 10–12 we asked our customers for a little extra feedback about how it fits! Here is an email we received from Allison Colvin that gave us lots of sparkle emojis:

Just writing to say I FREAKING LOVE YOUR BRA! Like, seriously, WHAT IS EVERY OTHER BRA COMPANY DOING?!? Can you help them? Bras should not hurt, and ya'll have FIGURED IT OUT (ok, sorry for all the shouting, but I want you to understand the depth of my love)...

...Ever since I received my Tera Kaia High Cut about a month ago, I haven't wanted to wear anything else while hiking or working out. I wrote into your customer service a few months ago after finding your company right around a time that I went running and my old sports bra rubbed me raw at the band area. I was in tears! (the bad kind) I'm one of those women who is very active but on the edge of "plus-size". I have a big rib cage. My "band area" measures 35" and my bust is at 40". I really don't have that large of a chest, I think it's more that I have an overall large torso, but still, your website's size chart put me at a size 10. I waited (somewhat) patiently for my size to become available. The minute I saw that size become available on your Insta, I ordered, and it's been love ever since.

Since this size seems newer, I thought you'd like some feedback: I'd change nothing. HA! The only thing that I at first thought was a flaw was the opposite side's fabric is a bit visible at the band, but I realize that's part of the comfort, so do not touch that! I love that it's reversible. I was a bit nervous that I'd get caught in the multiple strings on the back, but it's so easy to put on, I haven't had any issues. The coverage on the high cut is perfect for me. Sometimes I forget that I have it on. I've been hiking and have reached up to pull at it under my shirt to make sure I still have it (not sure how I'd lose a bra while hiking, but you never know!). Speaking of hiking, I love that I can be drenched in sweat, but my bra still doesn't bother me. Sure, it's got to be wet, but it DOES NOT BOTHER ME. She's such a good friend! I have also taken a Zumba class in this bra and have been amazed at how supportive it is.

I'm used to support = discomfort, but somehow your company has found the balance. Magic! Thank you so, so much for this wonderful bra. This is seriously such a game-changer.

Alison Colvin
graphic designer | photographer

July 21, 2021 — Bridget Kilgallon

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