Welcome to Têra Kaia.

✨ TK is a little (but growing) outdoor apparel brand with a grassroots start that created something amazing: Basewear.

What is Basewear? Well, it’s not a sports bra… and it’s not a swimsuit. It’s both, and more! Basewear is a versatile baselayer designed to contour to your form and never restrict your muscle movement. It’s so comfortable you can wear it for days on end as you climb, hike, swim, camp, head to the office, or just lounge at home. Designed to perform in any environment Basewear stays with you from wave crests to mountain tops.

Our mission is to redefine the way clothes fit and function, and encourage you to be your outside self.

Once you get Basewear, there's no going back to traditional bras. It’s so comfortable you might forget it’s on. So, what makes Basewear so special? Well, two things:

📐 1. Redefined Fit

Everything we make goes through rigorous testing to fit you perfectly. Our team never stops taking feedback and making improvements until we get it 100% right. Why? So that you’ll fall in love with your Basewear and wear it again and again. Once it’s totally thrashed from all your outdoor adventures you can send it back and we’ll repair it with our Basewear Repair Program.

✨ 2. Sparkle Emojis

You know that amazing feeling when you try something on and it fits like it was designed just for you? At TK we have a name for that feeling: we call it the sparkle emojis. It’s the feeling when you put on your Basewear and it fits so comfy that your unique self is able to shine out. When you make a connection with someone at your favorite outdoor spot because they’re wearing the same top as you? Yea, that’s the sparkle emojis. We love that stuff.

Basewear is designed by women, for anyone who is tired of traditional bras.

These days, we’re still the same grassroots company hell-bent on making you feel great in your Basewear and doing what is right in the world. We work hard every day to collect feedback and redefine fit as we develop new Basewear designs and more inclusive sizing. You can find us in our base camp at the foot of the Eastern Sierra, Têra Kaia Bishop. Yes, TK Bishop is open and we love making friends, so feel free to swing by and see the magic happen!

We love our home planet (duh), so we hold ourselves and our partners responsible to adapt towards a sustainable future in everything we do. You can track of our ongoing progress via our Ethics & Sustainability transparency report. When designs are ready to bring to the world we partner with global manufacturers both domestically and abroad who are carefully vetted to follow our Sustainable Production Standards.

How did Têra Kaia get started?

A long, long time ago in a galaxy far away (well… by that we mean SoCal in 2016) TK got started when three outdoor women bonded over the fact that normal bras never fit and always fell apart when we wore them outdoors. Back then, we even had a different name: Arêt Basewear.

Ready to create something new we put our heads together, hit the sewing machine, and made something different: Basewear. We made around 40 of the original TOURAs which we sent to outdoor women around the country to put to the test. After tons of feedback, changes, and improvements the TOURA Basewear Top was born.

Soon after we realized that one size doesn’t fit all, so we created two Basewear cuts: the TOURA High Cut and the TOURA Low Cut.

Haven’t experienced Basewear yet? Don’t take it from us, try it for yourself.

Basewear might just change your life. You can measure the perfect fit with our Basewear Size Guide. Still not sure? Exchanges are free and easy with our perfect fit guarantee.