About Têra Kaia

So.. who is this Têra Kaia anyway?

Têra Kaia knows how to be her outside self. She's DTK (down to kayak), DTC (down to camp), and practically LIVES in her #basewear top. She's bold, unique, and unapologetically herself. Têra Kaia encourages you to celebrate your eccentricities, and let the person you are on the inside shine out. 

About Us - Têra Kaia Basewear

Our mission is to redefine the way clothes fit and function and encourage you to get outdoors, and be your outside self.

How did all this get started?

Têra Kaia (formerly Arêt Basewear) was started in 2016 by outdoorswomen who became fed up with standard outdoor bras and swimsuits that didn't fit over their muscles, quickly fell apart in the outdoors.

Ready to create something new we put our heads together, hit the sewing machine, and made something different: #Basewear.

What in the heck is basewear? (hint: it's not your average sports bra)

Basewear is a baselayer... AND a swimsuit. It's a water-friendly underlayer that fits so seamlessly it feels like nothing is on. Versatile enough for any outdoor adventure, you can wear it for weeks on end as you hike into the backcountry or jump in a lake. Breaking out of society's standard sizing our basewear is designed to fit modern women... which means muscles ARE included. Seamless, reversible, and minimal, our design aesthetic is inspired by the natural world.

Designed to accentuate the wearer, our basewear contours to fit your form, perfectly. We say if the wearer is the art, the basewear is the frame. 

About Têra Kaia Basewear

Have you experienced basewear yet?

No? Well, get ready to throw out all your other sports bras.

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