Heading to Yucca Valley for some Joshua Tree bouldering? Be sure to get the beta before you go.

Joshua Tree National Park is one of the most unique destinations in the United States. Located in the desert of California, the park includes some of America's first boulder problems, traditional climbs, and sport climbs.

The rock is granite monzonite: a type of sharp granite with beautiful lines of quartz. The park is home to blank slabs, sharp crimps, and grainy cracks.

Beginners and experienced climbers alike will enjoy a unique challenge. Don't be surprised if you get spit off the V0-V3 slab problems! Climbing in Joshua Tree can be sandbagged and scary at it's worst, and uniquely challenging at best. If you're going bouldering in Jtree prepare to be humbled, and be sure to have fun in the process. Don't forget to take a walk under the moonlight, the desert is sublime. - Bridget Kilgallon @bkall.day

If you can get past the heady mantle top outs and cat-tooth crimps, we promise it will make you a much stronger climber. The climbing style in Joshua Tree is unique and takes time to learn. Keep expectations at bay, and don't be disappointed if the climbing here feels very difficult at first.

Trip Beta: Travel Tips for Joshua Tree bouldering

Getting to Joshua Tree is fairly easy, and it is located in the high desert of California, between Yucca Valley and 29 Palms. The town outside the park is no to be missed. Be sure to stop at the coffee shops, antique stores, and check out the local farmer's market on your rest days.

Camping has become increasingly impacted over the years, so it's now best to reserve a spot ahead of time. For closest access to the boulders, you'll want to stay at either the Ryan, Hidden Valley, or Jumbo Rocks Campgrounds.

To book a site visit: https://www.recreation.gov/camping/gateways/2782

If the camping is full, which it often is, you can park and camp in BLM (Bureau of Land Management) for free. BLM is far from scenic, and the dirt bikers might wake you up in the morning - you've been warned. Access BLM via Highway 62 off of Sunfair road, and follow google maps for the specific location.

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Photo by Jen Gold @jengoldphoto

Access: Climbing etiquette when bouldering in Joshua Tree National Park

As always, be sure to educate yourself on leave no trace principles for the area. Crowds have been growing steadily in Joshua Tree National Park. This can cause traffic delays, overflowed trash cans, and a larger impact on the flora and fauna. We recommend visiting on off-days and avoiding major holidays to decrease the impact.

Do not feed the coyotes, they've become much bolder over the past few years. Stay on the trail whenever possible, to avoid trampling the fragile desert plants.

Read more about the seven principles of Leave No Trace (LNT) in our article: What is the Leave No Trace Philosophy?

This area has gained much popularity over the last few years, especially by climbers. Though the style of climbing in the park is very unique, it can be deceptively hard at times. Due to the nature of the rock, climbs can occasionally be chossy and have a kitty litter affect, but not so much on highly trafficked climbs. Climbers are spoiled with mostly perfect flat sandy landings and boulders ranging in many heights for all. It is a great place to enjoy winter climbing, though the season is rather short since most climbs are temps dependent. Climbing on slab with sweaty hands is far from appealing. - Jackie Trejo @jackietrejo_

Girl Beta: Bouldering Videos for Joshua Tree National Park

Sometimes it helps to get another woman's perspective on which boulder problems to get on. Below you'll find a selection of female favorites, and a great roadmap on which routes to add to your tick list when visiting Joshua Tree National Park.

Warning: If you're climbing onsight, scroll no further. Spoilers ahead!

Weenie Arete V0

Jackie Trejo climbs Weenie Arete V0 in Joshua Tree National Park

Joker V1

Jackie Trejo climbs Joker: a tricky and technical slab V1 in Joshua Tree National Park

Fry Problem V2

Jackie Trejo climbs Fry Problem: a deceptively difficult V2 in Joshua Tree National Park

Slash Face V3 R *High Ball*

Bridget Kilgallon climbs the classic high ball Slash Face V3 R in Joshua Tree National Park

La Migra V3

Jackie Trejo climbs La Migra V3 in Joshua Tree National Park

Nicole Face V4 *Friable Holds*

Bridget Kilgallon climbs Nicole Face V4 in Joshua Tree National Park

Climb delicately on Nicole Face. Due to its remote location, this problem doesn't see a lot of traffic. The holds are all easily breakable, so move slowly and have a good spotter.

Stem Gem V4

Jackie Trejo climbs Stem Gem: a classically tough V4 slab in Joshua Tree National Park

Shorter climbers may have difficulty with the start of Stem Gem. Pad stacking is an option. Make a judgment based on your own personal ethics in climbing.

Roof Romp V4

Jackie Trejo climbs Roof Romp V4 in Joshua Tree National Park

Newton's Law V5

Maddy Volo climbs Newton's Law V5 in Joshua Tree National Park

John Bachar Memorial Face Problem (JBMFP) V5 *Ultra Classic!*

Jackie Trejo climbs the ultra classic test piece JBMFP V5 in Joshua Tree National Park

Don't miss JBMFP - it could be the best problem in the park. With technical footwork, tiny crimps, and an exciting finish you will be thrilled from start to finish!

Nicole Overhang V6

Jackie Trejo climbs Nicole Overhang V6 in Joshua Tree National Park

Strawberry Contraceptives V7

Maddy Volo climbs the sharp crimps of Strawberry Contraceptives V7 in Joshua Tree National Park

Doesn't Matter V7

Bridget Kilgallon climbs Doesn't Matter V7 in Joshua Tree National Park

Chilli Sauce V7

Maddy Volo climbs Chili Sauce V7 in Joshua Tree National Park

Mulligan Variation V8

Maddy Volo climbs Mulligan Variation V8 in Joshua Tree National Park

Big shout out to the climbers who provided videos for our bouldering beta pages! You can follow their sends on the following links:

Amanda Jaramillo: Youtube Channel / Instagram @amandarjara

Sonia Rackelmann: Youtube Channel / Instagram @soniarackelmann

Maddy Voloshin: Youtube Channel / Instagram @maddyvolo

Jackie Lukianov: Youtube Channel / Instagram @jackielukianov

Maggie Gierard: Youtube Channel / Instagram @mags.at.crags

Bridget Kilgallon: Youtube Channel / Instagram @bkall.day

Kim McGrenere: Youtube Channel / Instagram @kimstagraham.mcg

Kristi “Good Beta” Buckley:  Youtube Channel / Instagram @kristi.buckley

Would you like to contribute a beta video for your favorite bouldering area? If so, just contact us!

January 23, 2020 — Bridget Kilgallon
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