Arêt Since: 2016 | Location: California | Trade: Silversmith | Basewear: Low Cut Olive 

"If you're not having fun, then you are doing it wrong.” 

Craftswoman and metalsmith Cheyenne has been teaming up with Arêt since 2016. Creating nature-inspired jewelry for personal enjoyment, her normal adult-job is in rope access all over the country. Based in Yosemite, she lives the life of an all-around outdoorswoman.

Your TOURA of choice?

That is a hard one! I love the Olive Green and the Neptune, those are my two favorite colors and probably the ones I wear the most. I wear the TOURA Low Cut because it fits perfect under any top that I wear, even the one dress that I own!

Tell us where you’ve found pride in yourself.

Since I have been climbing I have always struggled with the head game, more specifically commitment to climbing at my hardest. Recently I sent my hardest boulder problem to date, it is tall and has committing moves high off the ground. It may not seem like a big deal but something flipped in my head that day, and I am excited to see where this new headspace takes me!

Who is your femmespiration? 

There are so many amazing women in my life, but I would have to say, my Mom. She is always supportive of the many (and varied) directions my life has taken. I am grateful that she raised me in the outdoors, backpacking, climbing and traveling to foreign countries, without that perspective I feel like I would have become an entirely different person. 

What is your adventure rig 🚙⛺? 

Definitely car! I have spent quite a bit of time living out of the various vehicles I have owned, I used to have an 98’ Toyota RAV4 that I built a bed in the back of, and lived and traveled in for over a year, until I upgraded (and went back in time) to a 93’ Toyota Previa! Nowadays I have a Honda Element that I love, it is the perfect adventure mobile, I can fit any and all gear that I need and it sleeps two easy!

Give us a glimpse of your favorite outdoor space.

The view from the summit of Cathedral Peak in Tuolumne Meadows, Yosemite. You can see so much of the high country, and on a cloudy day, the light is super dramatic over all the granite domes. That 4x4 summit block is my happy place!

The future is listening, what ethical struggle are you passionate about? 

I’d have to say leave no trace ethics. For me, the beauty of the wilderness is that is untouched by humans. It is a fine line to experience those places and to not leave your mark in a harmful way. I see a lot of people these days who never learned the ethics of the backcountry. I would like to see more people taking it upon themselves to learn those practices and respect nature, and really be open to having it change them for the better. I think those ethics are incredibly important to preserving the wilderness (and yes I count it as wilderness even when it’s right off the road.)

What do you wish you could tell other women everywhere?

That you are beautiful, strong, vibrant just the way you are!

You’re stranded in the wilderness, what are your 3 "can't-live-withouts"?

Well, first I’m gonna have to go with coffee… no sense in being stranded AND uncaffeinated. Well, and on that theme, a water filter, cause dehydration and giardia is no joke! And of course… my TOURA top, for a little support… physically… emotionally...

Can we talk about food yet? 

I eat a lot of what I call a Breakfast Salad, vegetables and yams scrambled up with eggs over greens! I eat this for dinner too all the time, so I suppose Breakfast Salad is a little misleading… is that weird?

How do you adult?

I do Rope Access as my “real” job. I get to hang out in a harness and travel around the country, and it gives me a flexible schedule which I love!

What interests you when you are indoors, not outdoors?

I love to make art (of all kinds), read books, and watch movies, and make lots of yummy food!

Cheyenne has worked with Arêt to create amazing jewelry pieces as giveaways for Arêt campaigns.

The team here at the Arêt are all huge fans of Cheyenne's jewelry work. Occasionally we'll pick one up for ourselves, or one to give away to our customers. Stay tuned for a chance to win a handcrafted piece by following @aretbasewear and @wildexpanse on Instagram.  

Tell us about your silver work and inspiration

I had been searching for a ring with the Cathedral Range on it so I could be reminded of Tuolumne Meadows (my favorite place) all the time. One day, I thought I could make it myself! I did a lot of research on how to silversmith and have been making jewelry ever since. Inspiration comes from living in Yosemite, and a lot of time spent doodling. Sometimes I find a stone that reminds me of the beauty I see in nature and that inspires me to make something specific. I hope my designs connect people to that beauty in nature that I hope to capture and convey. There is no greater feeling than someone really connecting with something you make with your own two hands!

Wild Expanse | Hand Crafted Jewelry 

Metalsmithing at it’s finest, Wild Expanse captures the visceral moments only mother nature can provide. Each piece of these handmade designs are one of a kind to reflect the individuality of the wearer and their connection with nature. 

Photography: @chad_shepard @wildexpanse 

June 15, 2018 — Lauren Varney

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