Well, hello hello. How long has it been? 5 years? 17 years? Who knows, COVID time isn’t real. One thing is for sure: it’s been far too long since we recapped a year in Tera Kaia with a Time Capsule. So to catch up on lost time we’ll be recapping everything TK has been through since the dawn of 2020. Hold on to your sun brims - it’s been a wild ride.

PSST: We know this one's a long read. We'll make it worth your while with a hidden reward somewhere along the way 😉.

January 2020

TK grows her wings and flies the coupe… just in time for the world to end.

At the dawn of 2019 TK had begun to grow out of adolescence, and was ready to move out on her own. Or, we could say BK was ready to kick her out of the house. So, we move the TK operation out of BK’s garage (yes, we truly are garage grown) and up to Bishop to join our co-founder and mountain guide Lauren.

We set up shop on the corner of East Line & Main in our new home base: Tera Kaia Bishop. The place needed a little sprucing up (to say the least).

Before → After. The TK Bishop Glowup was real (and it was a lot of hard work!) 

March 2020

Things get a whole lot more… indoors.

Then the Pandemic hit for real, and everyone spent way too much time indoors stressing out on social media. Thankfully, Basewear kept you sane during these trying times.


April 2020

Basewear becomes essential PPE.

Always amazed by how many people's lives are made better with Basewear, we discover front line Medical Workers have been wearing Basewear to get through long shifts in the hospital and ICU. So, we decide to hook em' up.


... and we lighten the mood with a lil' humor.

Our tradition of ridiculous April Fool’s announcements continues with Men’s Basewear Bottoms (they were not real, although some of you certainly wanted them to be). These tech specs were hilarious and no you can’t un-see them.


May - Sep 2020

Basewear is out of stock for like… EVER.

Factory closures and shipping delays made running a business next to impossible. Our Basewear supply dwindled, and the world (and us) had to go without. It sucked a lot. We did manage to make some hats to keep you shaded though (you're welcome).

Oct 2020

The Basewear Repair Program is born!

Our in-house design team worked hard behind the seams (get it?) to bring your Basewear back to life. We launch the Basewear Repair Service - to make sure your Basewear stays out of a landfill, longer.

2021 - A new dawn, a new day.

Although we were out of stock for pretty much all of 2020, it doesn’t mean we weren’t getting anything done. Our in-house design team at TK Bishop had been hard at work designing new Basewear just waiting to be launched onto the world... once it went back to normal of course (ah, how naive we all were).


Jan 2021

The OG TOURA 1 gets a refresh.

Always improving based on feedback, we made some important changes to the TOURA 1. To be more inclusive we switch to numerical sizing, and to increase longevity elastic reinforced the straps.


Feb - March 2021

Slowly but surely we restock the TOURA 1.

Production still wasn't running at full capacity (aka: it was a dumpster fire), but we made it work! And everyone on the planet was ready for a Basewear restock.


April 2021

Another charming April Fool’s Day from TK.

Co-founder BK’s dreams came true with Tera Kaia Croc charmz. This April fool’s day joke was VERY serious… you could actually buy them. Co-founder LB was less excited (don’t worry, she eventually came around to the croc revolution).

June 2021

Be your OUTside Self! TK helps orchestrate a giveaway, and outdoor event for Pride.

We linked up with some wonderful LGBTQ+ folks to make this campaign and giveaway happen, and as a result COCO (Climb OUT Camp OUT): an outdoor event for, and lead by, queer people was created.

You all (understandably) went crazy for the rainbow TOURA (sorry to disappoint, that beautiful patchwork is not viable to produce in a factory setting).

Aug 2021


TK tries to branch out into retail (an attempt is made)

Over 200 of you show up to comment your favorite retail stores! Yes. You are real ones and we <3 you. We reached out to every single suggested retailer.

This linked us up with Valhalla Pure Outfitters, and now Basewear is available in their stores up north of the border (yay!)

Ahem well, as for the other gear shops, we’re still waiting to hear back from them. When all you retailers decide to stop sleeping on TK we’ll be here.


Sept - Dec 2021

Our long awaited MARA design is ready to launch on the world!

The predecessor to the TOURA was born. MARA was our team's brand new water baby: designed based on hundreds of fit tests and wear tests in the wild. Manufacturing was still a bummer, but thankfully our customers patiently awaited their new MARA Tops. When MARA finally made it’s way to your door it was well worth the wait (and yea, it's just as comfy as the TOURA).


2022 - Oh, hey that’s this year!

Ok, great we’re all caught up. After arising from the brain fog of COVID, TK was really thriving. We found our forever factory and launched so many new products that we ourselves could barely keep up. Our personal highlight was heading south of the border to visit our new factory and go exploring. Here’s all the deets.

Jan - Feb 2022

Things get weird… so we give you cats.

The world changes into everything tik tok. It’s confusing and as a business we don’t really know what to do. SO we give you #BASEWEARANDCATS. Because everyone loves cat content (no? just us?).

Behind the scenes we’ve secretly started working with a new manufacturing facility. Things are going GREAT to say the least, but given all the horrible experiences we’ve had we aren’t counting our chickens just yet.

April 2022

April Fool's Day #BasewearBottoms were back... but this time they were REAL!

The people asked for bottoms and we finally were able to deliver. The TOURA Brief & TOURA Thong are launched to the world: our swim-friendly underwear styles that hug your curves and stay put.

Things were moving so fast that we didn’t really have time to show you how much time went into testing, designing, and iterating on these bottoms. We hope to share more with you about the design process soon.

Now you really could jump in that alpine lake... in a full Basewear Set!


Ok you're almost to the end. Ready for your hidden reward? It's a 25% discount off your choice of TOURA Brief, Thong, or MARA High Waist bottoms. 🥳 We know you've been sleeping on these #BasewearBottoms AND it's a recession so hey here's a little help. We promise you're going to love them. Use code BasewearBuns25 to get yo discount.

That wasn't all...

May 2022

New MARA Colors AND High Waist bottoms arrive! 🥳 We can barely keep up.

As you can tell, working with our new factory has been a dream. Quality is MUCH better, deliveries were on time, and a pop of color gave MARA its retro pin-up vibe.

All production is officially moved to our new manufacturer and we’re ready to leave the woes of the production past behind. Life is a whirlwind of photoshoots, dance parties, and more.

Yep, still not done...


June 2022

The upgraded TOURA 2 arrives!

New back design, updated fit, and recycled fabric. This marks our official switch to using a majority recycled fabric on all our products (yay).


July 2022

Team TK did work!

With the help of a few extra hands we created a whole new brand identity, which we can't wait to launch on the world this coming year! If you were wondering who's behind the "Team TK" signature it's probably one of these faces below. This year we had a big shift from doing all the things, to teaching others how to help run the TK ship. :)


Aug 2022


We take a boat to the Island of the Sirens

2022 was a whirlwind of photoshoots, including our favorite "Island of the Sirens". Huge thank you to ALL our models from the last three years who brought the FUN to our photoshoots and helped us represent Basewear on as many body types and identities as we can.

Shout out to the photographers Jessica Ary, Ben Ditto, Sierra Farquhar, and Mandy Keathley who captured all the magic.

Sept - Oct 2022

BK + LB go to 🇨🇴 Colo0000mbiaaaAAA

It’s been a while since our co-founders were able to take a break. We work really hard and it was well deserved. From jungles to tropical beaches we got to experience the vast biodiversity of Colombia first hand and learn all about the country's history and indigenous peoples.


...and we toured the new factory!

We visited our sustainability minded and ethically responsible factories to get a behind the scenes tour of how our fabrics are made, and garments are sewn. We are proud to be partnered with these facilities that prioritize the well being of both the planet and their workers.


Nov - Dec 2022

TK is getting a whole new look.

TK is getting a well deserved trip to the spa. We're updating our brand identity with a new logo, fun collage style - the works! Stay tuned this month as we roll it out into the New Year.

We're not out of the woods yet!

Over the last three years we overcame a LOT of hardship, and survived some really tough times. We had a lot of wins, and solved a lot of problems that were holding our business back from growing. That said, we're not out of the woods quite yet. We need to scale TK up to be able to continue. Here's how we want to do that:

Our 2023 New Year Intentions:

  • 1. Get the word out about TK and Basewear to the world at large!
  • 2. Form a partnership with a major retailer (*ahem, REI, we're looking at you*).

7 Ways you can Support TK:

So what's next for 2023?

Well, we may or may not have technical outdoor shorts prototypes that are 96% complete and nearly ready for pre-order.

😇 Oops, did we say that out loud?

Well, you might as well get on the pre-order list then. Sign up below to get first access 😉.

As always, thank you for your ongoing support. Our grassroots business wouldn't exist without all our wonderful customers spreading the word about Basewear.

Don't forget to share the gift of Basewear every season, you know Basewear makes everyone's life more comfy!

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