If you are headed through the Eastern Sierra use this guide to stop by the best local shops to visit in Bishop! We've hand-picked the top spots to fuel up or chill out with a beverage during your climbing vacation. After a full year of COVID-19, our local small businesses can use all the support they can get. SO, if you do decide to travel to Bishop - be sure to stop into these local shops and spend your money!

Whether you need to re-up your chalk stash at Sage to Summit, or get a hearty meal at Pino Pies, the businesses below won't disappoint.

PS: Don't forget to ask for your Têra Kaia Locals Scavenger Hunt Punch Card! If you get a stamp for every item you'll get a 35% discount when you stop by our basecamp at TK Bishop. Learn More

1. Enjoy A Pint At The Mountain Rambler Brewery

If you are looking for the hub for all things climbing look no further than the Mountain Rambler. This local watering hole is where locals and visitors alike congregate for craft beer, good food, and a full play by play of the day's mountain antics. In non-COVID times the Rambler frequently hosts live music, trivia night, and even dance parties! Enjoy banquet style dining on large picnic tables, tasty beer at the bar, and an overall lively atmosphere. You will likely begin to recognize the local faces if you become a regular!

What To Get: The Mountain Rambler is THE place for locally brewed beer in Bishop. We recommend getting a pint (or a growler - why not, heck!) of the Venusian Blonde Ale. It's a crisp and smooth brew named for a nearby alpine route at Temple Crag.

How To Get There: When heading North on the 395 the Mountain Rambler Brewery can easily be located on the right side of Main St. just as you get into town. Plenty of parking is available in the front lot. Overnight car or van camping is prohibited so don't get any ideas!

Address: 186 South Main Street | Bishop, CA 93514

Phone: (760) 258-1348 | Website: www.mountainramblerbrewery.com | Instagram: @mountainramblerbrewery

2. Sip A Cocktail At The Owen's Valley Distillery

Everyone's heard of Rusty's but if you venture a little deeper into the town of Bishop you'll find a hidden gem: The Owen's Valley Distillery. The Distillery specializes in "Intelligently crafted, artisanal spirits created in the beautiful Owens Valley of Bishop California". Stop in during your Bishop Visit for a cocktail or take one to go in a glass bottle. To go cocktails are one of the best things to come out of COVID in our opinion! The Distillery is a great place to taste craft spirits, relax with a beverage, and enjoy the Bishop patio life.

What To Get: Our favorite cocktails are the Tom Collins for gin drinkers, and the Rum Punch for all you pirates. If you're hungry add on a Chicago-style hot dog. For those who are traveling through be sure to bring home a bottled spirit. From their Lekker Gin to the Argentum rum you can't go wrong!

How To Get There: When heading North on the 395 you'll need to turn right onto E South St. The Distillery is on your left in an industrial-style building with a big raised deck patio.

Address: 237 E South St. Unit E Bishop, CA 93514

Phone: (442) 228-5041 | Website: www.owensvalleydistillingcompany.com | Instagram: @ovdcompany

3. Snag A Waffle From Pupfish Cafe

Pupfish Cafe is tucked just behind the local book store Spellbinder books! Run by local Janet the Pupfish specializes in delicious coffee drinks, and healthy bites for lunch and breakfast. As Janet says "We're an avocado toast kinda place. Farm-fresh eggs; locally-sourced coffee, locally baked bread; organic smiles." Pupfish is named for the endangered fish species found in the Owen's Valley. If you're lucky you'll see them in the local watering holes during mating season when they turn blue and become very playful!

What To Get: You literally can't go wrong with the food and drinks at Pupfish. Healthy add-ons include smoked salmon, avocado, and their delicious red pepper romanesco spread! That said, you aren't a true local until you've tried a Pupfish Waffle. If you get hooked grab one of their Waffle punch cards for next time!

How To Get There: The Pupfish Cafe can be accessed through Spell Binder Books which is located on Main St. just next to the Gear Exchange. Walk through the book store, or turn Right on E. Line St. and turn right again to access the back parking lot.

Address: 124 S. Main St. Bishop, California 93514, US

Phone: 442-228-5100 | Website: www.pupfishcafe.com | Instagram: @pupfish_cafe

4 & 5. Fill Up Your Chalk Supply at Sage to Summit. Bad Weather? Train At The Climbing Gym!

Sage to Summit is a gear shop, training facility, and a small bouldering gym all in one! Run by local businesswoman Karen, Sage to Summit has everything a boulderer needs. The bouldering gym offers monthly memberships and is fully equipped including a Moon Board, Tread Wall, and fresh new boulder routes every couple of weeks. Perfect for the hot months of Summer, the Sage to Summit gym is where the local crushers keep their fitness up all year long.

What to Get: Local? Grab a Day Pass or Monthly Membership! Traveling? Stop in to grab anything you forgot at home, Sage to Summit has got it. Re-up your chalk and tape, or grab a bouldering guidebook. The gear shop also has organic crash pads, and boulder buckets.

How To Get There: When heading North on the 395 Sage to Summit can easily be located on the right side of Main St. mid-way through town. You'll know you're there when you see a big mural with mountain goats on the side of the building.

Address: 312 N Main St, Bishop, CA 93514

Phone: (760) 872-1756 | Website: www.sagetosummit.com | Instagram: @sagetosummit

6. Take A Yoga Class At Sierra Shanti

Sierra Shanti is the local studio for stretching, relaxing, and getting your yoga practice in. With COVID the studio has gone virtual and offers its full class schedule via Zoom. On certain occasions, they also host outdoor yoga classes in the Tri-County Fairgrounds. From yin to ashtanga, you can find a class that will suit your yoga style.

What to Get: Purchase a single class or an ongoing monthly membership. All the classes are amazing at Sierra Shanti and we are particularly partial to the Dive In Yin Series and Tai Chi!

How To Get There: When heading North on the 395 Sierra Shanti studio is on your left. Just around the corner from Great Basin Bakery, you can get your morning coffee and a yoga class all in one stop!

Address: 275 S Main St, Bishop, CA 93514

Phone: (704) 877-4717 | Website: www.sierrashanti.com | Instagram: @sierrashanti

7. Grab A Bag Of Coffee From Black Sheep Coffee Roasters

Looking for locally roasted coffee and a place to set up your laptop? Black Sheep Cafe is the official unofficial basecamp for climbers who work remotely. During non-COVID times the Black Sheep has indoor seating and reliable wi-fi for all of you van lifers. For now, you can enjoy your cup of Joe on the patio with the locals. The likelihood of running into someone you know here is very high. Grab a strong cup of brew and a to-go burrito for the road!

What to Get: Insider knowledge says that the Ethiopian blend is the best coffee the Black Sheep has to offer. We've purchased 5 bags for a friend in Mammoth who can't live without it! There are two Ethiopian options, so we'll let you choose which one is best.

How To Get There: When heading North on the 395 The Black Sheep is on your right just across from the movie theatre. Be sure to enter from the back parking lot where you'll likely encounter all kinds of climbers getting their morning started.

Address: 232 N Main St, Bishop, CA 93514

Phone: (760) 258-1140 | Website: www.blacksheepcoffeeroasters.com | Instagram: @blacksheepcoffee_ca

8. Get A Hand-Held Meat Pie From Pino Pies

We've saved the East Side's best-kept secret for last: Pino Pies! This family-run operation offers a variety of New Zealand-style meat pies that are deliciously hearty and will warm your soul after a long day of climbing. Order their hand-held pies hot and ready to eat (no forks necessary) and bring them home frozen for later. Newer to the local scene, Pino Pies got its start doing popup shops and delivery around town. The family just opened their first shop at the start of 2021. Breakfast pies, sausage rolls, soup, and dessert await at their storefront. There's something new to try every day!

What to Get: Literally everything at Pino Pies is delicious. We recommend the Butter Chicken, Steak, and Vegetarian hand-held pies. Traveling through? Be sure to order extras and bring them home for your friends, family, and your own freezer!

How To Get There: Pino Pies is easily accessed on your way out to or back from the Buttermilks. From the 395 turn left onto W. Line St. Drive a ways until you see the left turn just before Manor Market (they have a giant rooster on the building). There are often signs that say "hot pies" to help guide your way there.

Address: 165 Grandview Rd, Bishop, CA 93514

Phone: (323) 218-9952 | Website: www.facebook.com/Pino-Pies-108306083913722/ | Instagram: @pinopies

PS: Don't forget to ask for your Têra Kaia Locals Scavenger Hunt Punch Card! If you get a stamp for every item you'll get a 35% discount when you stop by our basecamp at TK Bishop. Learn More

Planning a visit to Bishop, Mammoth, or the Eastern Sierra? Stop by Têra Kaia Bishop for in-store shopping and custom basewear fitting.

The Têra Kaia basecamp is located in the world's premier destination for high ball bouldering, backcountry hiking, and hot springs. Come visit our office retail space in Bishop for a custom basewear fitting and shop our curated shop of goods created by local craftswomxn in our community. If you're lucky you may run into one of the #terakitties!

What To Get: After completing your Local Scavenger Punchcard by visiting the businesses above you can get a 35% discount on any TK product!

How To Get There: TK Bishop is located in the heart of town at the crossroads of E. Line St. and Main St. Find us kitty-corner from the Gear Exchange and Fixe Hardware. If you're heading north on the 395 you can't miss us! We're on the right side just next to Rusty's Saloon.

Address: 100 N. Main St. Bishop, CA 93514

Phone: (760) 582-0255 | Website: www.terakaia.com/tkbishop | Instagram: @terakaiabishop

While you're here on the East Side: We've also outlined our favorite Women-Owned Businesses on the East Side. Check em' out!

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