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Memberships are closed. Stay tuned for next time!

Support a sustainable future for TK.

Making Basewear is no simple task. This membership is designed to ensure we can create new Basewear well into the future. It avoids overproduction by helping us predict exactly what sizes to produce.

We want to stay grassroots, women run, and committed to sustainability.

We can't do it alone.

Huge thank you to our 300+ current members who are funding Basewear production!

Early Access Basewear Membership entry is currently closed. If you would like to be notified next time we re-open please email

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Your Membership Purchase Includes:

Automatic Pre-Orders +10% Off

Rest easy, your Basewear is already ordered.

As an early access member, you'll give us permission to charge your card automatically when we release a new product. That's the magic of all this! You'll be first to get all our new Basewear, at 10% off.

Before launch we'll email you with the opportunity to change or opt out of your pre-order (but we doubt you'll want to). We won't be making more than one product per season.

VIP Discounts & Perks!
  • Option to Purchase Basewear Repairs (closed to the public)
  • New Product sneak peaks - you'll see it first!
  • First Access to the Secret Gear Sale
  • Refer a friend and you both get 25% off your next Pre-Order (make sure they leave a note with your name at checkout!)
Support A Sustainable Future

Your membership helps make our business more financially secure and supports our women-owned and run company.

It's also more sustainable because we know exactly how much of a new product to order and in what sizes, which means we don't overproduce and can create only what we need.

Get New Basewear. Support TK.

How it Works:


Can I opt out of a new product if I don't want it?

You will be notified via email prior to the launch of any pre-order. At that time you will have the opportunity to change your order or cancel if necessary.

If you skip too many pre-orders, it would throw off the balance and we will have to make your membership spot available to someone else. We doubt you'll want to cancel anyways - we have some pretty exciting new Basewear designs in the pipeline!

How will you know what size I want?

When you purchase this product we will know what top size, bottom size, and cut preferences you have based on your starter set choices!

It's a win-win because knowing this in advance helps us better plan what sizes to purchase, and keeps us from over-ordering (aka it's more sustainable).

Decide you want a different size? You can let us know via email during the pre-order grace period. After that, exchanges are still free and easy so you can always get a different size once your pre-order arrives.

What if I already have the Basewear Set?

Swap what you like at checkout! Just leave a note about what you would like in your set.

Already have all our Basewear? No problem. You are welcome to swap for Kula Cloths, GuppyFriend Washbags, you name it. We’re happy to swap around if we have it in stock. We’ll do our best to make sure the total is the same as a Basewear set.

Want to go even FURTHER to support us and spread the word? Ask for a gift card in place of your Basewear set.

We’ll generate a $100 gift card in exchange for your $100 Membership purchase, and you can send it to someone who you think would like Basewear. You will TRULY be the real MVP.

No monthly fees.

Your one time purchase of $100 gets you a Basewear Set along with your membership.

Rest easy, your Basewear is already ordered.

You're automatically enrolled to pre-order, which helps create a more sustainable future for Tera Kaia.

✨ Hello, VIP.

Our Basewear Repair Program is now only available to Early Access Members.


Need an different size? No problem.

1. Get a Free Shipping Label

Start an Exchange. We'll email you a complimentary shipping label, on us!

2. Drop it in the Mail

Print your label and stick it on your re-usable packaging. Drop it at your nearest mail box.

3. Get your New Item

Yep, that's it! Our team will handle the rest and your new item will arrive as soon as possible.