"Wow, that's expensive for a sports bra!" Well, that's because here at TK, we're doing things differently. When you put your money towards supporting our business you're also casting a vote for the future you want to see. Here's how we're redefining the world of sports bras, and more.

✨ Designed by women for anyone who wears a bra.

TK is a women owned and run company with a grassroots start. Our Basewear has been in the wild since 2016.

🌲 Basewear isn't made, it's born.

From sustainable sourcing to end of life repairs, here's how we look out for our Basewear's entire life cycle:

Sustainable by design:

  • Prototyped to Perfection
  • Sustainable Sourcing
  • Basewear Repairs

💌 Hand packed in compostable packaging.

Every order and exchange is hand packed by our women led team in fully compostable packaging, and shipped to you from Bishop, CA.

Feeling the sparkles yet? Great, let's get you some Basewear.

Your Basewear purchase supports all our sustainability and ethical initiatives. Leave a tip at checkout to directly support the women packing your order! We truly appreciate it. 💜