That feeling when you strip down your #Basewear for a hop in a lake after a long hike, or the warm sun as you float down the river on a paddlboard? Yea, it's a vibe. Capture the magic on video and enter to win a #BasewearBottoms set! Here's how it works:

It's a Vibe Video Challenge

How it Works

  1. Go outdoors in your #Basewear!
  2. Take a few videos. Capture the vibe.
  3. Submit your videos to us via Dropbox or Google Drive

We'll periodically select a winner who gets a set of #BasewearBottoms!

We'll clip your vids into an awesome TK Reel and post it on our IG with you as a collaborator. Woo!

Rules (Read these first!)

  • Videos must be vertical (phone vids are fine)
  • Send at least 7 short clips
  • Make sure to catch the scenery!
  • At least one clip of your smiling face
  • Show your #Basewear (back view, front view, and a top down with your gear)!
  • Natural audio only (a babbling brooke, the wind in the pine trees, you get the vibe.)

Send your videos submissions in a Dropbox or Google Drive Folder to

Submission Requirements
  • Min. 7 Videos
  • Min. 1 Cover Photo
  • Vertical Format
  • Videos Must Include:
  • Basewear Visible
  • Your face!
  • Natural Audio