Hey there, you East Side riff-raff you.

We've got something in the works to help support small businesses here in Bishop, AND get you a sweet discount on #Basewear! Just traveling through Bishop for some outdoor adventure? Don't worry - our punch card is for locals AND visitors!

Têra Kaia local bishop scavenger hunt punch card

How it works:

We've hand picked our top 8 local businesses, according to the locals. Stop into each of these shops below and make a purchase* to get a stamp!

  1. Enjoy a pint at the Mountain Rambler Brewery
  2. Sip a cocktail at the Owen's Valley Distillery
  3. Snag a waffle from Pupfish Cafe
  4. Fill up your chalk supply at Sage to Summit
  5. While you're there go train at the climbing gym
  6. Take a yoga class at Sierra Shanti
  7. Grab a bag of coffee from Black Sheep
  8. Get a hand-held meat pie from Pino Pies

*A purchase of any item of equivalent price from these businesses counts for a stamp!

Once your punch card is complete with all 8 stamps bring it into Têra Kaia Bishop to redeem a 35% Pro-Deal Discount!**

The COVID era been tough for all small businesses, especially in a town like Bishop where tourism accounts for so much of the local economy.

SO - if you're ready to start ramblin' around town and scavenging the local business scene come by TK Bishop or stop into any of the businesses listed above to get your local scavenger hunt punch card!

**Discount is applicable for in-store purchases of TK items only.

Têra Kaia Bishop
100 N. Main St.
Bishop, CA 93514
(760) 582-0255