TK + Kula Adventure Pee Cloth

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  • The TK Kula Cloth will revolutionize the way you pee outdoors.

    We've teamed up with the gals at Kula to bring you the TK Moonrise Kula Cloth! What is a Kula you ask? Kula Cloth™ is an antimicrobial pee cloth for anybody who squats when they pee. Our signature TK Moonrise print is inspired by the full moon over an alpine lake. Seriously, the TK Kula will change the way you pee outdoors!

    • Feel Super Clean pee freely and pat dry during any outdoor adventure!
    • Use it All Day Kula's antimicrobial technology will keep you fresh and clean all day long.
    • LNT Friendly no more toilet paper in alpine environments.
    • Ultra Absorbent a Kula can absorb 10x its weight in water!
    • Snaps to Backpack so you can pack it up and hit the trail quickly.
    • Easy to Clean rinse it off and lay it out to dry.
    • Hangs Folded so it doesn't touch pack and/or get dirty on the trail.
    • Zero Waste you can even use it at home as a zero-waste alternative to TP!