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Breathable fit, with a little more coverage.

Hello, High Cut.

The newest member of the Basewear family, MARA High Cut combines the comfort and flattering fit of TOURA with a little more coverage. Better suited for rigorous water activities, plus it's recycled! This style fits best on cup sizes A–DD.

Tech Specs:

Let's Get Technical
  • Breathable Coverage at the underarm and neckline
  • Swim Friendly jump in that alpine lake
  • Lay Flat Straps go unnoticed under heavy backpacks
  • Designed by women for anyone who wears a bra
  • Seamless & Reversible flip it and reverse it
  • Antimicrobial wear it for weeks (we've tried)
  • Redefined Fit based on hundreds of fit tests
  • Recycled Fabric made from plastic water bottles
  • Gives you sparkle emojis! you're the art, the basewear is just the frame.✨

Meet Basewear

The only top you'll pack.

Basewear is designed to go anywhere you can.

What's your basewear size?

This isn't your average sports bra! Use the chart below to figure out the perfect basewear size.

Get the Perfect Fit!

Go with the Low Cut if you...

• Wear cup size A-C

• Have more muscle than breast tissue

• Prefer minimal coverage

• Have a muscular body type

• Want to feel like nothing is on

Go with the High Cut if you...

• Wear cup size A-DD

• Have more breast tissue than muscle

• Prefer modest coverage

• Do yoga inversions or go running

• Want to keep things in place

Go with the Crop Top if you...

• Wear cup size A–DDD+

• Prefer total coverage

• Do rigorous water and impact-related activities

• Want a stand-alone top!

Don't take it from us, read the Breastimonials!


FINALLY a sports bra that doesn't suck!

In fact, is the opposite of suck. I've struggled with bras for a while - I'm a 32B with an athletic frame and the fit for most sports bras on me is usually too tight on the back/shoulders but going up a size makes it too loose around the actual tits. These bras work great for me and also super fun colors! - Jean

Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Francesca J.
I am in love with Tera Kaia!!

I had been looking for new sports bras/basewear as my body has been changing and Tera Kaia is the perfect match. The way the straps and band are designed, flowing into one another, do not cut into my underarm and leave plenty of room for full arm rotation and movement. I've worn the MARA out twice now out at the crag for two separate bouldering day trips and it was perfect. It fits so well it feels like I'm barely wearing anything but it's supportive for activities like climbing and hiking.


It feels amazing! Best bra EVER!

So comfortable!

I have enjoyed both running and swimming in my new Tera Kaia bra and I love it!

Jean W.

Finally a sports bra that works for me! I am a 32B but have athletic shoulders/back and most bras just don't fit. This not only fits but is beautiful colors and is f**king comfortable too! I'm buying another.


FINALLY a sports bra that doesn't suck! In fact, is the opposite of suck. I've struggled with bras for a while - I'm a 32B with an athletic frame and the fit for most sports bras on me is usually too tight on the back/shoulders but going up a size makes it too loose around the actual tits. These bras work great for me and also super fun colors!


Star Rating only

Kelsey M.
I need like 10 of these

I struggle to fit into any sports bras as a climber with with broad shoulders and pretty small boobs. Everything digs into my traps and lats. Until tera kaia!!! My measurements are 32/36 band/cup and sz 4&6 both fit me well! I think I'm technically a DD cup but I'm more muscle than boob and there's not much there that needs support if that makes sense. Just get one! You won't regret it!

Emma P.
Rating Only

A couple days and a night backcountry camping in cold and windy weather with sometimes 5 layers on top, was very nice to not have to strip down to change or take off bras to be comfortable for whatevers next. Wearing for ultiple days and nights not going to be any problem for sure.

Lauren W.

Before I say anything else, the first thing everyone should know is that TK customer service is absolutely AMAZING. From helping me to get my basewear in time for my field season in Central America, to helping me with obtaining the correct size MARA and TOURA, TK went above and beyond and I couldn't be more grateful.

Second - after spending 6 months wearing both MARA and TOURA (and really putting them through hell and back), I can say with confidence that both pieces really hold up to anything you can throw at them. No washing for 2 weeks (besides a dip in a creek or river)? No problem. Very little stink at all, and only after a week without any wringing out of sweat/dirt/etc. in the tropics did it start to smell. Dragging your chest along limestone walls as you try not to fall off a ledge? Holds up better than my OR climbing pants (as in, no evidence of abrasion AT ALL). They are perfect in every way. I will not buy any other "sports-bra" ever again after this.

Both MARA and TOURA are super comfortable. I am small-chested with a broader back, and went with high-cut for both items because I use them for high-impact sports (mostly running). I feel supported by both, but the TOURA is more comfortable to me than the MARA. It may be a random quirk in production, but what makes the TOURA more comfortable to me than the MARA is that the elastic below the breast on the MARA is a bit tighter and leaves an indentation on the skin after a few hours. It also doesn't have as much of a compression feel as the TOURA, which is strange because the MARA was tagged as being more compressive. After my months of wearing both, the TOURA is my consistent go-to bra for all activities, with the MARA as my backup. Both are SO WELL MADE and comfortable. And I know everyone says it - but it is SO NICE to FINALLY have a sportsbra that fits my athletic body correctly. Thank you TK team for everything!

Sarah Q.
Honestly, was skeptical but now it’s my fave!

I kept hearing about these bras, and honestly wasn’t too interested in the designs. But when they came out with a high cut bra, I decided to give it a try - and now I can honestly say this is my most worn bra! It’s so incredibly comfortable, and the fact that it’s swimproof also makes it versatile. It’s also incredibly lightweight, which is perfect for those hot crag days. I am a former gymnast so I have broad shoulders & typically wear a size 34D - I ordered a 6, the high end of my size, & ended up exchanging it for a 4 which is the perfect fit. Great product, great company!


What's the difference between MARA and TOURA?

The MARA has a bit more fabric at the underarm and a higher neckline with breathable coverage. It is better suited for rigorous water activities and stays put through inversions.

What kind of recycled fabric is MARA made of?

ECONYL Certified post-consumer recycled nylon makes up both sides of the MARA.

Will the MARA fit the same as my TOURA?

MARA fits slightly different than TOURA because it has different proportions, and sits at a different location on the body. We recommend starting with your TOURA size, and sizing down if you are in between sizes.

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