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  • Once you get Basewear, there's no going back to traditional underwear.

    Go ahead and ditch your old chonies, we won't tell. The TOURA Basewear Thong is our swim-friendly wide hip thong designed to keep you secure and comfy through any adventure. Go hiking, climbing, swimming, or just lounge around. Your Basewear Bottoms can go anywhere you can!

    • Thong (Minimal Coverage) a thong that actually stays in place!
    • Swim Friendly so you can jump in that lake or slip into the hot springs.
    • Curved Contouring keeps your peaches looking cute and super comfy.
    • Designed by Women for anyone who is tired of uncomfortable underwear that doesn't perform outdoors.
    • Redefined Fit based on hundreds of fit tests and feedback from various body types.
    • ✨Gives You Sparkle Emojis Basewear is designed to bring out the best part: YOU!

Customer Reviews

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Bridget Kilgallon
Free the buns.

Hello Basewear lovers, this is BK - co-founder of Tera Kaia. I’m reviewing our outdoor thong based on my own fit testing so you can get the deets.

Ok yea. So these get 5 stars from me. If you’re a thong wearer (which not everyone is) they are perfect. If you like to sport a full buns exposure look outdoors (which not everyone does) you are about to be so freaking psyched about these. I literally can’t wait to jump in the water cheeks a-blazin with these things on. Tan lines? Bye.

Speaking of jumping in the water, they literally don’t budge. None of that panicked “quickly-pulling-up-your-panties-from-around-the-ankles” while under the water after jumping in.

I’ve worn them biking, hiking, climbing, ice skating (lol), TRAVELLING, swimming, tanning, and lounging. I FREAKING LOVE THEM. I hope we can make them in more colors soon, but don’t hold out - it may be a while before we can pull that off.

Normally I really try to highlight the “cons” of our products, but for the thong I have no cons. IMO. They make your buns look EXTREMELY fuego. They’re super comfy (for a thong of course). They perform fabulously outdoors. THEY ARE MAMAS FAV. Let’s normalize wearing thongs all the time because free the buns.

Erin Goodreau

I cant believe a thong could be this comfortable.

Lauren Varney
So damn good

I have a big booty & really only ever wear thongs- the TK thong is amazing! I can hike and backpack in it without it becoming a sweaty pile of cotton. Game changer

Naevon Espiritu
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peyton hinn
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