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Meet Basewear

The only top you'll pack.

Basewear is designed to go anywhere you can.

What's your basewear size?

This isn't your average sports bra! Use the chart below to figure out the perfect basewear size.

Get the Perfect Fit!

Go with the Low Cut if you...

• Wear cup size A-C

• Have more muscle than breast tissue

• Prefer minimal coverage

• Have a muscular body type

• Want to feel like nothing is on

Go with the High Cut if you...

• Wear cup size A-DD

• Have more breast tissue than muscle

• Prefer modest coverage

• Do yoga inversions or go running

• Want to keep things in place

Go with the Crop Top if you...

• Wear cup size A–DDD+

• Prefer total coverage

• Do rigorous water and impact-related activities

• Want a stand-alone top!

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I'll never wear anything else.

"I couldn't be happier with these base layers. I can't get over how comfortable they are and how they don't squeeze or mark up your body. I wore one for a week straight before the trip to test the stink-factor... well, there is none. No smell at all after a full week of traveling for work, stress testing these babies."


What is the difference between the Low Cut and the High Cut?

The Low Cut is as minimally designed as possible, with as little fabric as necessary. It is best suited for athletic builds and cup sizes A–C. In contrast, the High Cut can accommodate up to cup size DD with the same flattering design.

Will my nips slip out the top?

We always say, the Low Cut is best if you have more pec muscle than breast tissue. If you have a significant amount of breast tissue, the High Cut is a safer bet and will be just as cute!

Can I wear a Low Cut if my cup size is above C?

Yes... but at your own risk! Those above C who wear the Low Cut say it's best for lounging at the beach, or when they want a more busty look. That said, you are at a high risk of popping a nip out of the top.

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