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Yep, even swimming.

Join the movement of outdoor women have replaced all their swimsuits, undies, and sports bras with basewear.

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Join the movement of outdoor women who have left uncomfortable sports bras behind.

From mountain guides, to search and rescue teams: they’ve all switched to the perfect underlayer for the outdoors: Basewear.

Here's what our TK Supporters have to say about Basewear:
Honestly, Basewear makes every day of my life better. I value comfort and utility in my clothing and these meet that criteria. Also, I feel like it really simplifies my packing for when I go on trips.
— Kaitie
Kayaking, swimming, hiking, fly fishing, running, backpacking, everything outdoors! I love that one piece of Basewear can be used for all activities.
— Sarah
I like the way my body looks in my Basewear so I wear it all the time. I feel confident when I wear it, whether on its own or under things. Plus, I love that I can wear my Basewear every day without washing, because I work outside and need something comfortable and breathable daily.
— Marilla
I literally live in these. I haven't worn another bra since I bought them. These are something I can wear all day without even remembering I have it on. For someone who takes in ALL details/senses at all times, this takes just one more thing out of that removing just one more layer of stress which is crucial in my ability to function in life.
— Jessica
I wear my basewear tops every day. Traditional bras, even sports bras, never worked for me. I like basewear because I finally have a comfortable bra that I can wear all day, every day.
— Ellen
I wear my Toura bra all the time. It is SO comfortable, not just for my back muscles but I am weirdly obsessed with the cut under the bust. Something about the curve up in the middle of my chest just makes it hug my body in the right places.
— Kailey

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We got sick of gear that didn’t fit and fell apart. Our mission is to make durable basewear as ethically and sustainably as possible that's comfortable, cute, and supports you through it all. As a TK Ally, you'll receive special gratitude gifts for helping us change the world.

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